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When we moved to Atlanta in the 80s, I applied for a writing job at CNN where my husband was working at the time. The man who interviewed me told me the even though I was more than qualified, he couldn't hire me because I had no experience. Right then and there, I decided to go out and get experience. These are a few of my latest stories to appear in print. You can also check out my blog, Cold Pasta and Red Wine, by clicking here.

For the love of PASTA

Authentic Italy

Abruzzo: Italy's Best-kept Secret

5-Must Try Restaurants in Summerlin (Las Vegas)


Food, Wine, Travel, The World in Crisis

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 9.52.10 PM

Las Vegas: Five Sure Bet Attractions

"Wine All You Want"

Youngstown In My Rearview Mirror

Review: "Go to the Pine"

Review: Language Lessons, Vol. 1

Page 132

Parla Italiano?

Give Back

Journey Home

Picture Postcard

Review: She Returns to the Floating

An Electric New Season

Table for Two & Four on the Floor

Pioneer Series

Page 8

Designed With The Patient in Mind

Page 40

The Man in 12E

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Table for Two & Four on the Floor

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