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Xavier University. Class of 2027
These men and women will learn to adapt,
innovate, and communicate in a rapidly
converging digital environment.
They are the students of
Digital Innovation, Film, and Television. 
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Under the direction of DIFT program director, Blis Devault,  Xavier students today are exploring the latest in digital media production and technologies, while mastering the art of visual storytelling.  Preparing students for a career in creative/corporate film, television, broadcasting, producing, multimedia or content creation is the goal.

When the Communication Arts Department was created, the goal was much simpler — develop the ability to communicate through the relatively new field of mass media.


What has not changed over six decades is the commitment by Xavier faculty and staff, the enthusiasm of Communication students, and their shared goal to support each other in pursuit of meaningful lives.

Look for an upcoming series of email posts, when we catch up with the men and women who have taken skills learned at Xavier University to become radio stars and television executives, professional speakers and CEOs, company founders and company owners, station managers, chief engineers, Emmy winning reporters, best-selling authors, and more.

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